Cell culture and immunochemical laboratory

Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/A, III/344.
Phone: 06-1-372-2500/extension 1728
Fax: 06-1-372-2620


Head of the Laboratory: Szilvia Bősze, PhD; Research Associate Professor

Ildikó Szabó, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
Rita Oláh-Szabó, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
Kata Horváti, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
Zsuzsa Baranyai, Research Assistant
Beáta Biri-Kovács, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Mária Kiskó, laboratory assistant

Experimental work:

The in vitro evaluaton of the synthetic compounds are carried out in our laboratory. It is evident that the multidisciplinary character of the projects of our research group requires in vitro expertise and methods in order to establish structure – activity relations. All major equipments and platforms areavailable such as biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, freezers etc.

Methods and equipments (selected):

Flow cytometry- BD LSR II (cellular uptake studies, apoptosis studies, intracellular citokine determination etc.)

Fluorescent microscopy (cellular uptake studies, membrane integrity studies etc.)

Cytotoxicity, cytostasis and haemolitic assays

Isolation and stimulation of PMBC

ELISA platforms

Western blot analysis

Human cell cultures (selected):

HL-60, MonoMac-6, HepG2, HT-29, MCF-7, MD-MB-435, MDA-MB-453, MDA-MB-231