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Gabor Mező

Head of the Research Group:

Dr. Gábor Mező, Ph.D., D.Sc.

The Research Group of Peptide Chemistry has been established by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) in 1961. It is located at the Eötvös L. University (ELTE) in Budapest. Our research focuses on the synthesis of peptide based drug delivery systems and diagnostics, and their structural and functional characterization. The main goal of our research is the development and study of peptides, polypeptides and their conjugates for the treatment of cancers and bacterial infections.


The MTA-ELTE Research Group of Peptide Chemistry is receiving further 5 years of support for its maintenance/funding

The MTA-ELTE Research Group of Peptide Chemistry, with Gábor Mező, DSc, research professor, as the head of the Research Group, has applied for and won further 5 years of maintenance support (starting from the 1st July, 2017) from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The rejuvenated Research Group with its new Head continues its research based on its traditional projects, but plans to focus more on certain areas. We trust that the concentrated use of our financial and human resources will lead to even more significant scientific results. For this, the Research Group will work on the synthesis and structure-function relationship of biologically active peptides and their conjugates, mainly in drug targeting and selective diagnostics. Our proposed studies focus on peptid conjugates, which are effective against tumours and microbial infections, or suitable for their detection.