Curiosity driven research:

Chemical synthesis and structural characterisation of peptides, peptide chimera, and bioconjugates for (i) the discovery of structure-activity relationship, (ii) development of peptide-antigens as vaccines/diagnostics or drugs and (iii) targeting/delivery of peptide epitopes/drugs.

Main topics:

1. Identification and structural manipulation of B- and T-cell epitopes derived from proteins of microbial (M. tuberculosis, HSV, HIV), tumor and of autoimmune origin for vaccine and diagnostics development.

2. Targeting/delivery of peptide epitopes/drugs/reporter molecules. Identification of protein sequences suitable for intracellular targeting. Design, preparation and stability studies of oligopeptide- and polymeric/sequential polypeptide-cargo conjugates for improved diagnosis and therapy. Studies on the mechanism of action by proteomics.

3. Identification, synthesis and characterization of oligopeptides and their analogs, labelled derivates related to neurological disorders, structure-function studies.

4. Analysis of decomposition of modified peptides and peptide-conjugates in complex biological mixtures (e.g. human serum, lysosome preparation) and detection of peptide/protein complexes by mass spectrometry.

Mission driven research:

Research at the Research Group of Peptide Chemistry (RGPC) has been closely related to priorities of EU, NATO and WHO, international collaborations supported by Hungarian (OTKA, OMFB, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and international agencies (WHO, EACR, NATO, EU-COST). RGPC is involved in contract research for Hungarian (Reanal, Biosignal, G. Richter) and foreign companies (Pliva, Croatia; Veterinary Agency, UK; Unilever, UK).

List of our research contracts since 1995: