414. HPLC laboratory

Head: Gábor Mező, D.Sc.

Address: Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/A, 414.
Telefon: 06-1-372-2500
Fax: 06-1-372-2620

Four semi-preparative and 2 analytical HPLC systems are placed in this laboratory that can be used by the researchers and PhD students of the group (as well as the BSc and MSc students who have joined the lab) for purification of peptides and peptide conjugates and for analysis of the purity of the compounds. The mainly Knauer-type HPLC systems, that can work with 1-10 mL flow rates, are being operated by a self-made software. By the aid of different size of HPLC columns, 5 to 100 mgs of compound can be purified in one run. Besides checking the purity of compounds, the analytical HPLCs are applied for following reactions, study of stability and detection of metabolites.